Past-Life Regression

Past-life Regression will help you to understand, release & heal the deeper root of problems you are struggling with in your life now, rooted in a (traumatic) event in one of your past lives.

The benefits of past-life regression can be really helpful & powerful when you are experiencing unexplained feelings, physical pain, or thoughts in your life now. On a soul-level, the soul always is looking for things to be healed, to be completed. This can mean that if there are certain things unhealed from your past lives, your soul will search for and attract similar situations in your life now. Because it wants those unhealed traumas of previous lifetimes to be healed.

During this session we will enter the session with a theme/limited pattern that is present in your life now and that you would like to release and transform. Solange will guide you into a deeply-meditative state using your breath & relaxation techniques. From here she will guide you back into connection with your subconcious memory where you can access unhealed memories or events of past lives. This is where the healing begins.

You will receive new insights and answers to questions you may have already for a long time, a lot of things will start to make sense and you are finally able to release any suppressed energies and emotions from your past life.

The main intention of these sessions are to help you clear the blockages that stand in the way of being the person you want to be now and to manifest the life you really want without carrying the baggage of unresolved traumas of past lives.

What Others Say


My Past-Life Regression session with Solange gave me so much clarity & insights about recurring patterns in my life. I understand & feel now why I was attracting certain people & situations over and over again. There was a part of my soul that was looking for healing that I was completely unaware of. After this session it all made so much sense. Thank you Solange!




I have worked with Solange to do past life regression therapy, and it has been life transforming. Solange is knowledgeable, professional and naturally skilled. Her energy is soft, still and powerful. She held a safe space for me to let all my emotions out, then guided me through by asking precise questions until we got to the core of the issue. The session was so powerful that even days after, my energy was still clearing out. I highly recommend working with her as she helped me reach deeper understanding and peace with myself and everyone in my life.




After doing a few Regression Sessions with Solange, my last session which was a Past-Life Regression was the most powerful one. I was confronted with an unhealed trauma of a past-life and many things started to makes sense for my current self. Finding healing & completion with this past life has given me a lot of acceptance & relieve in my life now. 



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Solange works only in a series of 4 sessions. This will be a journey where you will dive deeper into healing the areas of inner-child, womb/rebirth & past-life trauma.

You are welcome with ALL of you!

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