Regression & Reincarnation Therapy

Regression & Reincarnation therapy is a holistic (psycho)therapy that assumes that all your current complaints and problems are a symptom of one or more unprocessed painful or traumatic experience(s) from your past. With regression and reincarnation therapy you go back to the root cause and thus directly to the core of your problem.


Regression & Reincarnation Therapy has a holistic approach, which means it will create healing on a mental, emotional & physical level. 


Regression is a natural process that often takes place spontaneously; consciously or unconsciously. Music, a certain sound, a specific smell or image, or even an event or a thought will take you back to a moment in your past. From that (unconscious) memory you can then respond to something in the present moment with the emotions, beliefs, behavioral patterns and strategies of the past. Sometimes these old emotions, beliefs, behavior patterns and strategies can impact your life in such a way that you now experience psychological, emotional and/or physical problems or patterns because of it. By tracing, recognizing and reliving the experiences, they can be consciously, released, cleared & processed.


Reincarnation literally means 'the re-incarnation of the soul'. Reincarnation therapy assumes that (a part of) your soul is embodied several times. Because of traumatic events in certain lifetimes, parts of our soul can get fragmented. However, it is not necessary to believe in reincarnation for this form of therapy. For example, you can also see a past life as your own metaphor for and enlargement of your current theme.

Thus, with regression and reincarnation therapy, the past is more broadly defined; in addition to your recent past and childhood, your birth and all previous experiences (pregnancy, birth, past lives and periods between lives) are also taken into account.

By reliving, feeling, releasing & integrating the unprocessed experiences in different areas of your life(s), you get the chance to heal, clear & neutralize the themes that are at the root of your current problems, blockages and/or patterns.

What Others Say


I just finished my Regression Intensive Journey with Solange and I'm still integrating all the shifts & transformations that happened from it! I can't recommend her work enough! Solange is skilled at what she does, makes you feel super safe & welcome with all of you. I released & healed trauma that I didn't even know I was carrying. I feel more free, stable & empowered after this journey with her! 




I was looking for the right Regression Therapist for a couple of years and Solange was recommended to me by a friend. And I'm so happy I found her! I immediately felt safe with her. Her gentle yet fierce guidance supported me to go back to childhood trauma that I wasn't able to feel & heal by myself. I healed deep rooted trauma and released myself from ancestral trauma.  Thank you for your amazing support Solange!




After doing a few Regression Sessions with Solange, my last session which was a Past-Life Regression was the most powerful one. I was confronted with an unhealed trauma of a past-life and many things started to makes sense for my current self. Finding healing & completion with this past life has given me a lot of acceptance & relieve in my life now. 



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