Inner-Child Healing 

1:1 Healing Sessions

The Inner-Child work Solange offers, is a beautiful & deep process of connecting, understanding, embracing & healing the child within you. The moment you re-connect with your Inner-Child, you will find, understand & heal the roots of a lot of problems and patterns you’re struggling with in your life now. 

If you couldn’t process or release your emotions or traumas as a child, and for some reason you had to suppress what you were feeling, it's most likely that these emotions are still stored within you. The suppressed memories get stuck in your physical, emotional and energetic body once you grow up, and it can lead to many issues & destructive patterns in your life. 

Inner-Child work helps you to understand, accept and connect with your emotions and to take care of the lost & wounded parts within you.

What does Inner-Child Healing look like?

During these sessions Solange will guide you into a very safe & relaxed state.

She will support & guide you to reconnect with the child within you and address the emotions, limiting beliefs and traumas that your inner-child experienced a long time ago. You will discover subconscious patterns and survival mechanisms that you once needed to stay safe and survive as a child. From there you start to release, heal and free the child within you. 

By finding the root of your pain, pattern, or trauma, you are finally able to see and acknowledge the child within and the pain it’s still carrying. These sessions guide you to the underlying root of your difficulties – and not just the effects and symptoms– to offer you

deep & long lasting change.

The areas covered through these Sessions:

  • Grief
  • Co-dependency
  • Dissociation
  • Mother-Wound
  • Father-Wound
  • Birth Trauma
  • Womb Trauma
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Self-Worth issues
  • Relationship problems
Some of the benefits of Inner-Child Healing:

  • Being able to feel safe within yourself
  • Experience more joy in your life
  • Stepping out of victim-mentality
  • Feeling your own needs & desires again
  • Being connected with your emotions again
  • Learning how to take good care of yourself
  • Feeling more compassion & love towards yourself
  • Reclaiming your power & being able to set healthy boundaries

What Others Say


I did a few Innerchild-Healing sessions with Solange and I can say that it was really powerful & liberating! Solange creates such a safe & loving space for you, which makes it easier to feel your emotions & trauma. I was able to release & feel through suppressed trauma from my childhood. I was running away from these experiences for a very long time, so I'm really grateful I found Solange who supported me in feeling safe to finally go there and give myself the healing I needed!


the Netherlands


I contacted Solange because I felt disconnected from my myself, plus relationships with men weren't working well. We did deep healing work where I confronted & overcame past situations that were blocking me. Solange always guided me with a soft, loving & comforting energy that made me feel totally safe & accepted. Thanks to working with her, I found a healthy balance between my masculine and feminine energies, and I'm much more proud to show my femininity by being sensitive, caring, gentle, beautiful, etc. Thank you Solange.




My Innerchild-Healing sessions with Solange were incredible healing. I was looking for a trust worthy person I could feel safe enough with to heal traumatic experiences I had in early childhood. Solange made me feel really safe & welcome.  We went deep into subconscious memories of my past and I finally felt the space to release those emotional & physical memories. I feel a lot more alive & connected now! 



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Solange works only in a series of 4 sessions. This will be a journey where you will dive deeper into healing the areas of inner-child, womb/rebirth & past-life trauma.

You are welcome with ALL of you!

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