During this session Solange will guide you through a journey back into the womb, before you were born. During the time you are in your mother’s womb you can be imprinted by what your mother was experiencing & feeling during her pregnancy.

Why? Because during pregnancy you are “one” with your mother as a baby. This means that you will experience what she is experiencing, you will feel what she is feeling. And since your brain isn’t developed yet in this stage, to understand that what you are feeling isn’t yours, we will mostly experience & internalize it as ours. This is often where life-long patterns started.

You can recall the emotions that your mother was feeling during her pregnancy of you. This experience can bring you insights, answers, healings and understandings of certain blockages you might be experiencing in your life now.

Based on the womb-regressions that I gave over the last couple of years I’ve seen that the developing embryo absorbs and internalizes the memory, emotions of all that it experiences in the mother’s womb.

Womb memories, emotions and any birth-related traumas or pre-birth sufferings can come up during this session.

Many emotional and physical issues like feelings of loss, betrayal, rejection, loneliness, grief, anger, physical pains, relationship issues, separation anxiety, panic attacks, depression, claustrophobia, and many others can be traced back to the traumas happened during the time in your mother’s womb.

Once you become aware of the energies & emotional responses that aren’t yours, we will separate the energies and these imprints, so you can release yourself from them. This will support you deeply in living your life from your own life-energy! 

During this session you will experience what it is like to be reborn from YOUR OWN unique life energy. This can be a very powerful and life-changing session, since we are working with & healing the foundation of your life.

What Others Say


I recently had a couple of Regression-sessions with Solange and it helped me a lot! I finally understand why certain patterns & people kept on coming back into my life for the last couple of years. I did many different therapies but the work that I did with Solange really took me to the root of it! I feel like a complete different person! If you are considering working with her, I can definitely recommend it! 




I feel so much more myself after doing Regression Sessions with Solange. I got answers to a lot of questions I had and I was able to let go of & heal unhealed trauma. It was really powerful to let go of other peoples energies that I mainly internalized in my mothers womb & later in my life during painful experiences.  A lot of things started to make sense for me! I finally feel like I can connect with myself & be myself again! 



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