1:1 Womb-Clearing Session

Womb Clearing sessions offer you a safe & sacred space where you are able to discover and release any energetic & emotional imprints that may be stored within your womb.

During this session I offer you a safe space to drop deeper into your body & into your subconsciousness and out of your mind. 

The healing that will find place during this session will support you in letting go of any energetic, emotional & physical blockages that you are carrying and that are holding you back from feeling fully connected with yourself. 

Womb-Healing can be really supportive for you if you: 

  • Feel disconnected from your own feminine energy 
  •  Have experienced any sexual trauma, a miscarriage, an abortion or childbirth trauma 
  • Experience menstrual pain, PMS, fertility problems, and/or any other physical imbalance in your womb, sexual organs, or hormones

These sessions will support you in feeling your own centre as a woman deeper, you will feel more connected with your intuition, and you will reclaim the power that lies within your womb. 

This whole process will always be guided with a safe, gentle & heart-based energy, so your body will feel safe to open up to this healing experience! 

What to expect during this session:

  • Grounding Meditation  
  • Guided Healing Journey into your Womb 
  • Energy Clearing, Releasing, Cord-Cutting 
  • Light Language Healing & Activation.

What Others Say


I recently had a Womb-Clearing Session with Solange and it was extremely empowering & liberating for me! I came to realize how much energy I was still carrying within my womb, that wasn't mine. Energy of ex-partners that I didn't know were stored within my womb. Afterwards I felt much more connected with my feelings and with my womb. I also felt I could finally make peace with some heart-breaks that I was subconciously still carrying within me. I feel more centered, more feminine & free within myself!  




I feel so much more connected with my feelings and especially with my own life-energy after having a couple of Womb-Clearing Sessions with Solange! Solange guided me in a gentle yet empowering way through the healing process. I became aware of many unwanted energies that I was carrying within my womb, and it felt so liberating to be able to let go of these energies and to bring back the connection with my own core! I feel super grateful for this experience and after the last session my period has finally come back after almost two years! 



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This option includes one private session of 90 minutes.

PACKAGE OF 4 sessions

This package includes  four private sessions of 90 minutes each.

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