Healing Your Birth-Trauma

During this session we will go back to the moment you were born in this life. Many times during the moment of birth, events happen which sets the foundation for the rest of your life. Anything that was present during your moment of birth, either it was an imbalance on a physical, emotional and/or energetic level can impact the bonding with your mother & the connection with yourself.

In this session we will work with Bonding Repair. Bonding is a very crucial moment for a new born, it's the first moment you as a baby physically connects with the first woman in your life, your mother.  So bonding repair means that we will connect with the baby you were back then and if something traumatic happened to you during the moment of birth, its most likely that a part of you is energetically still stuck in this moment. We will free this part within you and we will create a beautiful safe space for the baby, so we can repair the bonding, release what's still stuck within you from this moment and give the baby what it needed back then. 

This session is especially supportive for you if you struggle with attachment and bonding issues, many times the root of these issues lead you back to the moment of your birth and the moment of bonding.

What Others Say


I recently had a couple of Birth-Regression sessions with Solange and it was extremely liberating for me! I came to realize how much I was living my life from the "burden" that I took on (unconciously) during the moment of bonding with my mother. It set up my life in a way that caused me many energy leaks, feeling constantly responsibly for others and not knowing how to connect with myself. Making the subconious pattern that started during my moment of birth concious, and healing this bonding moment has given me so much freedom & energy! I feel I'm living my life now from my own energy and I can seperate it from others!




I feel so much more myself after doing the Re-Birth sessions with Solange. I use to struggle a lot with connections, and I always felt extremely attached to partners and friends. So attached that it was impacting my life in a negative way. Going to the root of this problem, for me my moment of birth and bonding, has given me back trust in myself and a deeper sense of safety & connection within myself. If you have any problems with connecting with yourself and/or others, I can definitely recommend these sessions!



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