Healing Codependency

Do you feel you have to people-please in order to get love? 

Do you feel guilty when you finally choose for yourself?

Do you say yes without considering how YOU feel first?

Are you trying to fill up an emptiness within yourself?

Are you done with constantly sacrificing your time & energy for others?

Are you done with all these feelings that you aren't good enough?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the fear of being rejected or abandoned? 


What is Codependency?

Codependency is a deeply rooted pattern that mostly is created in early childhood, to help us to stay safe in moments where we didn't receive the safety & love we needed from our parents/caretakers. It comes down to sacrificing your own needs and wants, to fulfill the needs and the wants of others.

In order to get the safety & love we need, we can end up people pleasing, giving away a lot of ourselves, denying our own feelings and trying to rescue others. Our fear of losing someone can result in difficulty setting boundaries and avoiding conflict. That's one of the reasons why codependents struggle often with boundaries because they never felt what they were feeling was valid and worthy of being seen or acknowledged.

If you struggle with codependency, you have likely been giving a lot of your (life) energy away and you have been seeking your worth outside of yourself.

I want you to know that this was never your fault in the first place!

You had a really good reason to do this, because there most certainly was a lack of safety, emotional or physical unavailability from your caretakers and/or trauma present in your childhood.

The impact of codependent patterns can be big and this survival- mechanism has many layers. This 4 week healing-journey helps you understand what codependency is, the root-cause of your codependency & how you can heal it and transform it into having a healthy & loving connection with yourself & others. 

Healing this pattern requires that we create a new imprint that is based on upon the feeling & beliefs that at our core we are enough! Those codependent parts within you need time, acknowledgement & a safe space to be seen, heard & expressed. Why? Because for too long you have been suppressing, denying, withholding or devaluing what you think, feel, need, want, & believe.

During these sessions we will work mostly with deep healing of the Inner-Child, through the modality of (Inner-Child) Regression Therapy & Nervous-System Regulation . Solange will guide you into a deeply-meditative state using your breath & relaxation techniques. From there she will guide you back into connection with your subconscious memory where you can access unhealed memories or painful events of your past. This is where the deeper healing begins.

What Others Say


I struggled most of my life with people pleasing & feeling unworthy of love & attention. During my Inner-Child Healing sessions with Solange, I went to the root of this pattern and I released a lot of suppressed emotions that I didn't even know were in me! After a couple of sessions a deep sense of inner peace & love for myself started to open up inside of me. I can definitely say that I feel so much more happy & safe within myself now! 




So much changed after working with Solange! It’s hard to even put it into words. I discovered inner-child trauma that I didn’t even know existed. If you want to heal your inner child and connect with your body, Solange is the person for you! She gets to the root of the issue and guides you safely through a process of self- healing. I highly recommend working with Solange.




Let me put it clearly, Solange is an absolute masterful healer. My experience with her was phenomenal, as she guided me in a very elegant & safe way through many layers of healing. Her style is powerful & different than others, as she takes you to the root cause of things, which allows you to shift at a core emotional level. It helped me to heal my wounds & let go of limited stories. I highly recommend working with her!

Dr. Ehab, Transformational Teacher & Movement Leader


Solange Beaumont

I am Solange, and over the last 10 years I've been working as a Holistic Trauma-Healing Therapist & Certified Regression & Reincarnation TherapistI'm specialized in trauma-healing, emotional release, regression-therapy, inner-child healing & nervous-system support. I combine my knowledge and experience as a Regression & Reincarnation therapist, Holistic Trauma Healer, & my personal life experiences to offer you a deep transformational healing process!

 Personally I know how it feels to look outside yourself for love, for safety, for answers, & approval. I know how it feels to be stuck in old destructive patterns. Over the last 16 years, I have uncovered, healed, & transformed many of the patterns that blocked me from being connected to myself. It has become my mission & passion to create & provide a safe space where people can heal all the parts that lead to a disconnection from themselves. I'm here to support you to re-connect, re-claim & remember again who you really are!


  • Healing from past trauma 
  • Feeling more safe within yourself
  • Reclaiming your own life energy
  • Reclaiming your feelings of worthiness
  • Establishing clear & healthy boundaries
  • Supporting you to believe in yourself again
  • Deepening the connection with your intuition
  • Feeling less "needy" for other peoples approval
  • Helping you to discover your own needs & desires
  • Transforming feelings of abandonment & rejection into self-trust & inner-safety

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This package offers you a deep 1-on-1 healing journey. It includes four private Regression-Sessions of 90 minutes each PLUS unlimited support during the healing journey.

If you still have questions or would like to know more about this journey, I offer you a 20 minute free introduction call!

You are welcome with ALL of you!

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