I know how it feels to look outside yourself for love, for answers, for approval and how it feels to live with suppressed emotions, unhealed traumas that keep you stuck in destructive patterns. Over a timeline of 18 years I discovered, healed & transformed many ways which lead me to being disconnected from myself.

My journey started when I was 16 and my father passed away. Being brought up my mostly by my father, I felt completely lost after his passing and a few weeks later I started going to therapy. This was a big turning point in my life and was one of the moments where my deeper healing-journey started. It a was a process of healing deep pain, grief, feeling desperate, co-dependent, unworthiness, loneliness and the list goes on. There was literally so much stuck & suppressed within me, emotional, energetically and phyiscally of which I was totally unaware of back then. During the years that followed this was mostly reflected back to me in relationships, family dynamics and in work situations. I started to understand and feel the emotional and energetic root-cause of my patterns. I felt how afraid I was to connect with myself. The fear of connecting with my emotions, my intuition and my vulnerability.

Healing the traumatised child within me, healing ancestral trauma, healing womb-trauma and past-life trauma made it all possible for me to release & free myself from these unresolved traumas.

Later on I felt the desire to help others and that why I worked for years as a Sexual Health nurse. Where I regularly helped & supported people with sexual trauma. But on after doing this work for a while I came to a point where my body stopped me in taking care of others in a way that wasn't serving me anymore, I was burned out and this burn-out initiated me into a deeper layer of healing & taking care of myself. This lead me also to the realisation that a big part of me didn't fit into regular healthcare and I deeply felt that there was so much more for me to offer to the world then what I was doing until that point.

I wanted to work deep, from the root all the way up and approach the healing and support I was giving from a holistic perspective. So I started to study Regression & Reincarnation Therapy at SRN Study in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This therapy became my passion and after graduating, I followed many courses, workshops, therapies, coaching & self-development all over the world, which all lead me to become the person I am today!

It's a big part of my mission & passion to create & provide a safe space for you where you can heal all the parts that lead you to a disconnection with yourself, so you can re-connect, re-claim & re-member again who you really are! 

I am honored to support you on your journey..!

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